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Originally Posted by BackinBlackSS/RS View Post
I still don't get it. The Z28 was confirmed already. It's on our homepage for crying out loud. There is no mention that it would not be called the Z28. Who starts these stupid rumors. :bangdesk:
You may be right, but all it takes is a little reading between the lines to see that there's a very real possibility that this vehicle may have a new nameplate and not be called a Z/28.

Originally Posted by BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet View Post
The biggest surprise was it being called the "HP Edition" and no
mention of the Z28. Fbodfather has always said "what Z28?"
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post

...........let us repeat in unison:

WHAT Z28???

The script said nothing about "Z28"............
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
This is a thread that is going to be very visible - and so I say to you that no matter what the car is called -- some will love the name - others will not. I'm just hopeful that once the car hits the streets, people will come together over whatever nameplate is used - and know that the Camaro Team put their everything into this great automobile.
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