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my issue with that is i bought the car from a chevy dealership, it had most of the work except gears and suspention already done.....thats how i bought it i had a problem and now everyone said im on my own, plus like i said #1 its a divored shifter (cable driven) so how can i have a problem with only 2 gears grinding and not all of them, #2 i stated to them at the dealer to check into the grinding noise, they ripped trans out of the car and dissasmbled...never even calling me to tell me what they were doing. and one of the first things you need to do is disconnect the shifter. so why didnt i get a call at that point to tell me , you have an aftermarket shifter and if this is shifter related you will not be covered... and # 3 the shop that is fixing it immediatly found bad syncro and gears when they went through the bin of internal trans parts the dealer left me with. how can you be allowed to take my car apart,trans, clutch,exhuaust subframe connectors and dismantle entire trans stuff all the parts into my interior, scratch and dent my car charge me storage and tell me to f#$k aint right..not to mention when the trans was hanging i now have a radiator leak, prob pulled on the hoses but still. its bs... after 3 diffrent gm reps and all the bs run around i was left to take the pieces and go find someone to put all back together
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