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Originally Posted by WILDRACER View Post
hello guys... im new to this site and i have watches all the vids on claying and washing/ waxing ... but the one thing i didnt see and am wondering about is.. is it ok to clay over the stripes?? i have a 2010 2ss/rs and im getting ready to clay the car and wax if but dont want to hurt my stripes. thanks for all your help..
congrats on the car and welcome to the site.

I would avoid claying the strips as you can scratch them.

other than that make sure you use plenty of clay lube.

clay can also mar or scratch the car so you want to use plenty of lube and make sure you keep folding the clay bar. if you drop it throw it out and get a new piece.

if you do get some marring or fine scratches you will need to polish them out.

then finish off with a wax.

let me know if that helps.
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