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The idea all along was to do last years car (orange coupe) and this years car as a set, a kinda his and hers deal.

We all really liked the idea of having the stripes come off of the hood and onto the IP (something never done before on a production car), to make this work, they needed to move in board from the expected historic Camaro location (The Driver side stripe is cropped as it is by the gauges) we were able to fit the mail slot into the entire stripe width, verse having it half in/half what happens when u extend the rally stripes on a V8. Many iterations were shown to management, it came down to what u see here today, and just having the same stripe start from the upper fascia and end at the deck lid cut line. In the end, leadership felt that our Camaro's design was so strong, that there was no reason to tip toe around Mustang & many people were already making their own versions of the stock Rally stripes in orange and putting them on white coupes.

After the Auction today....only 499 left.......
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