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DIY add light to inside door handle

hello, this was originally done by TonyNo here i spoke with him just a bit ago and he said to post the DIY since i already had pic's and video, thank you TonyNo for this great idea.

ok, i used a red led from radio shack, this was easy for me as i have ordered the red leds to change the ABL on the doors and also going the do Red ABL along the dash. the red led has the resistor built in so it was easy as drill hole, mount and tap into abl wires right on the door. radio shack has them in red, orange and green, but not blue like we currently have:( in this case get with TonyNo as he has done the blue with the resistor. maybe he will chime in here and show how he did that and/or where he purchase them from. he also talked about putting together a "kit" for this.
also since i am connecting to the abl door light, they come on at night and go off in the day, or when ever ABL light are on. now if you dont have ABL light, TonyNo pointed out on his thread, he use the door window switch, i think he said its the yellow wire, check his post if you need to do this.

ok, there might be an easier way to get the blue leds, im sure there is, but if you look at the pics thats 2SSRS posted here the 3rd and 4th pic, this is the blue OEM led with resistor, i think they are bout $13.00 from gmparts house, you could cut the wire about 3 inches, then take the led and resistor and install them in a led holder like the ones from radio shack here and there you go,
now if you find the light only cheaper, i know there out there somewhere, then you can purchase a resistor and do it yourself. so next question is how do you choose a resistor. go here (thx 2SSRS) ok i hope all of this helps

UPDATE TonyNo and 2SSRS posted some links on where to get the blue leds to match the originals. thank you guys

Originally Posted by TonyNo
I made mine from a turquoise LED from (696-SSL-LX5093TC). I ordered two of everything that they had that was called blue-green or turquoise and this one was the winner.

here is another

Originally Posted by 2SSRS
I got them from Digi-key and there SSL-LX5093TC and i have 50 of them, TonyNo you know that there made by some one else.

ok here is video followed by pics.

ok i have the door panel off. there are plenty of DIY on how to do this. first 2 pics are the connectors, the led's are the same just different packaging. these have resistors built in. makes it easy. if we can get the part # of an blue led i can purchase an led holder from radio shack and show how to put that together with a resistor.
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i have the door panel off, you will notice the plate is installed in the door pull hole, i did this so i could make sure that when i drilled the hole it would be centered, when i did the first on, i didnt have it there and when i put the plate after i installed the light, the plate covered part of the light and i had to elongate the hole to move the light, but no one can tell but me ok, now you also.

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area to drill, do not have to be exact, plenty of room on the back side of the door panel, ok drill a pilot hole here, i used a 1/16 drill bit

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here, i'm pointing to the 1/16 pilot hole i drilled.
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now drill in the pilot hole, i bumped it up to what the led package said, which is 3/16, dont push to hard, have it under control so it just pop through
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see drill hole
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light installed
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back side with light installed
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remove the shielding from the door abl lights. connect with connector taps. you could also tap into the door window switch, i believe its the yellow wire and black wire. check his post
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