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Talking Forgestar Wheels at DV8 Motoring - 18s, 19s, 20s, 22s!

Forgestar wheels are a semi-custom wheel. We specify the offset and the lug pattern, both of which are machined/drilled to order. This guarantees a perfect fit for your Camaro (or any vehicle). To date, the Forgestar wheels are still the most economical way to get those wide 275 front tires and even wider 315 tires on the rear of your Camaro. They are a flow-formed (aka rotary forged) wheel, consisting of a pressure cast center and rotary forged hoop. This makes them very light, and strong. More importantly, inexpensive!

As mentioned in our previous posts, the wheel core stocking structure for Forgestar has changed for 2011. They will no longer stock each wheel diameter/width in specific colors, as that was causing issues of running out of one size and not having colors to match for building a full set. For 2011, all wheel cores are stocked in bare aluminum. You will get your choice of color, it is now included in the pricing. You may order them bare, but there is no discount for getting them without any finish. This has slightly increased pricing, but in the end it will provide a better matched product and you will get exactly what you want instead of waiting for more colored cores to arrive.

Pricing - We can match any Authorized Forgestar Dealer pricing.

F14 18x9 and 18x10 (or 18x11) = $1350 set of 4
F14 20x9 and 20x11 (or 20x10.5 deep concave) = $1850 set of 4
F14 22x9 and 22x10 (or 22x10.5 deep concave) = $2200 set of 4

CF5 18x9 and 18x10 (or 18x11) = $1350 set of 4
CF5 20x9 and 20x11 (or 20x10.5 deep concave) = $1850 set of 4

CF10 20x9 and 20x11 deep concave = $1850 set of 4

Standard Colors

Gloss Black
Matte Black
Textured Black
Gloss Silver
Gunmetal Gray
Textured Gunmetal Gray
Gloss White
Race Gold

Painted lip pinstripe (any color) add $45 per wheel

Photos of 20x9 and 20x11 on 2010 Camaros:

My own gallery of Forgestar photos:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Will these fit my 2010 Camaro SS or LS, even when lowered? Will 275 tires up front and 315 tires on the rear rub?
A: Yes, the offset is the same for LS and SS cars, and these wheels clear both brake caliper types. Yes, 275 and 315 tires fit properly, without rubbing, even on lowered Camaros.

Q: How much do these weigh compared to the factory 20" wheels?
A: Factory 20x8 Front = 31.5 lbs each. Factory 20x9 Rear = 33.0 lbs each. Forgestar 20x9 Front = 26.5 lbs each, Forgestar 20x11 Rear = 28.0 lbs each. Yes, these wheels are wider than the factory wheels, yet still weigh a combined total of 20 lbs less! 20 lbs less rotating mass is a substantial difference.

Q: Will I need four new tires if I buy these? Can I use my factory SS tires?
A: Your factory 275 rear tires will fit on the front with these wheels, leaving you only to purchase two new rear 305 or 315 wide tires.

Q: Will the 18" wheels fit over my Brembo SS brakes?
A: Yes, as long as you do not have the "rollerskate" brake pads found on some later builds. Those can be removed by buying aftermarket brake pads.

Q: Will my factory TPMS sensors fit these wheels?
A: Yes, the sensors will mount exactly like they do on the OEM wheels. No adapters required.

Wheel Sizes/Weights (I've weighed each of these myself)
18x8.5 = 19.5 lbs
18x10 = 21 lbs
18x11 = 21.5 lbs
18x12 = 22.5 lbs
19x9 = 24 lbs
19x9.5 = 24.5 lbs
19x10 = 25 lbs
20x9 = 26.5 lbs
20x9.5 = 26.5 lbs
20x10.5 = 28 lbs
20x11 = 28 lbs
22x9 = 29.5 lbs
22x10.5 = 30.0 lbs
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