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Originally Posted by its a syn View Post
it is sickening that you have to take out a small loan just to see a game in person!!! just the is $5, forget having more than a couple of these. it makes me want to when these guys totally make idiots of them selves off the feild and want us to act like nothing happened !!

one thing not many people know is just to park to get into Jerry world you pay anywhere from $85 up to $150 where ever someone is allowing parking.

A drink is about $8 the same goes for a Hotdog.
Tickets in the nose bleed are about $95 to a regular game ( thats ok watch the giant Screen everyone else does lol )

For a family of 4 to go , park and Eat you are looking at about $500 maaybe a little more. Thats not to mention the souviners lol

I went to a a regular season game and couldnt beleive people did this week to week.
I love my team but I went out and brought a New LCD lol

Sad the superbowl wont be $85 for a ticket and im sure the people will go up for parking.

And whoever plays Football the best for the winning team ( basically deos there job right while getting paid for it ) gets a free car lol hopefully he will be a class act citizen and act like the winner he really is and be as thankful as we were when we got our cars.

Gm's way of a tax right off I bet another donation lol

lucky fool whoever it will be.
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