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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Whoever said that?

All I've ever heard was that nobody's confirmed the "Z28" to be in production...or that nobody's ever called it a "Z28"....

But nothing about it NOT being called that....
I gotta disagree with you again lol, in the spy shots we have of the "Z28" isnt there one that peeks inside and shows a piece of paper taped to the dash calling it Z28? Plus all the billboard and clay modeling stuff we saw from GM way back when said Z28 on it. I still think GM just jumped the gun and called the car Z28 before they knew how the whole muscle car scene would play out down the road, and now they're skewing the name to try to get it right.
At any rate, I dont think it will show up at this auto show, i agree with everyone who said a rumor will surface before every upcoming auto show that the "Z" will make an appearance until finally it comes true. But i wouldnt hold my breath until you actually hear one way or another from someone who actually knows...same as the name
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