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Halltech Yellow Jacket + ADM Race Scoop = Done

I finally came up with an idea for a washer bottle, thanks to Number_9, so I was able to add an ADM Race scoop with my Halltech.

I went looking for a water bottle and ended up finding one at Walmart in their bicyle section. It is designed to go on a bike so it came with a holder. It was just under $9….but it did say Schwinn on it.

I then went to Lowes and bought a hose fitting and a nut. Well…they don’t have a nut for a hose fitting so I ended up buying a cap and then cut off the end of it with a dremel tool. I spent about $5 on those parts. I then drilled a whole in the bottle (starting off with a small whole and then increasing in size). I used a washer and a rubber seal. I tried a few combinations but ultimately I ended up with Fitting, Washer, Seal on the bottom and then a Seal, Washer, Nut on the inside.

I went to an Auto Parts store and picked up some vacuum/washer bottle hose for about $4. My total of parts came to about $20.

I mounted it the bottle bracket to the positive cable bracket inside the fender well. I had an extra 10mm bolt/lock washer/nut combo that I used. It was a little tricky to get a drill in there. Not a lot of room to work with but I eventually got it. I also used a couple zip ties to help hold it into place a little more.

Over this weekend I plan to take the cap off of the OEM washer bottle and JB Weld it to the lid of the new washer bottle. That should give it more of a factory look. The cap is almost an exact fit. I’ll have to do a little sanding to make the top flat but that shouldn’t be any big deal.

I might go back and paint the bottle black. I'm going to see what it looks like with then OEM lid first.
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