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Originally Posted by TBone View Post
Nice write up caverman. Car is really coming along.

Question for ya, with the addition of both the ADM scoop and the TB are you going to have to retune? I would think that with all the additional air it might affect your A/F ratio. But I am no expert so what are your thoughts?

I have been following this closely 'cause I am thinking, money permitting, that these could be my next upgrades.


I think it wouldn't hurt but not sure it's 100% needed either. Probably a little tweaking might sweeze an extra HP or so out of it.

I'm no expert either but from my understanding the computer can make slight A/F adjustments. My bet is that it can make enough of an adjustment to take care of it.

I asked Andy @ ADM if a re-tune would be needed with the scoop and he said it would not be needed.

Also talking with SC2150 about a re-tune with the ported TB he said it wouldn't be needed either. It wouldn't hurt to have it but not needed. guess that since I already had a tune for my headers the computer should pick up the little bit of slack that the extra air giving.

I might run it by Andy though and see what he says. I'll post up any info I get.
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