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Originally Posted by blaSSt View Post
What a dealer does does not change what the car is. It is not a RS because the factory did not build it. You admit it was not built as an RS, so it is not. Your own words:

This debate about misrepresenting cars has gone on for a long time. A former Dallas resident (Doug Hasty, Unique Performance) spent time in prison for it. Granted it's like comparing stealing a stick of bubble gum to bank robbery, but the principle still applies. Fraud is fraud.

Somebody, takes a 69 6 cyl. Camaro and makes a perfect copy of a COPO. As a COPO clone it's worth $50-$75K. An original COPO $150-$250K+. The car is not a COPO, try selling it as an original, get caught, you probably go to jail.

4th gen Camaro Z28's were easy to make into SS. Hood, Wheels, Spoiler, badges... They are still Z28's not SS's

It goes on and on.

You have a great car and a lot to be proud of. Lying about the car is does not change that. Be proud of what you have and what you have done.
Holy crap guy! RS is just an appearance package! Nothing more. Its not like the guy put an SS front bumper on it and SS badges all over. Get over yourself. IF someone puts all the parts that the RS package has then...well it has the RS package in my book. Besides, he doesn't even have the RS badges on it! So if I changed my Dark RS tail light lenses and got different halos and different wheels I guess that means I dont have an RS then even though it says so on my sticker and badges
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