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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
I just went back and looked at Janetty's spreadsheet. If you look at the CAI brand without the ADM Scoop the Yellow Jacket was right with it in some places and better in others. Then look at the difference it made by adding the ADM Scoop to the CAI. I'm guessing the Yellow Jacket with an ADM Scoop should perform ever bit as well as the CAI w/ADM Scoop.
I would have to agree with you. Having a huge box around the filter is nice, but having better access to unrestricted outside of the engine bay air, even better. There are likely gains to be had just from removing the bottle. For just daily driving and playing around, I wonder how much benefit there is adding the scoop if the bottle is already out? Or if there is a difference, if it's dectectable without instruments gauging?

Either way, you have it all optimized.

Edit: Just looked at the graphs. It would be nice if Ted would stack the CAI with, and CAI without, so it easier to see the differences. Oh and with thinner lines to show better separation. Interesting to see the difference in timing at comparable rpm, CAI, CAI/scoop, and Halltech.

She is only memory now.

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