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Originally Posted by tweeter81 View Post
You two can both simply slap on a supercharger on your LS3s and try and fit some wider tires (good luck making 285s and 325s fit, by the way), and then do a drag run or, even better, take a lap around a road course and see how close your non-Warranty SS comes to the Z/28. It won't even be close, you would get destroyed. There is a few other tiny details that you are forgetting about that will make the Z/28 a vastly superior platform: MR shocks, huge rubber, better cooling, more aggressive bodywork, awesome CTS-V brakes, and an intact GM Warranty.

But, by all means, keep modding those SS's of yours (and see if you can match the list above and come in under $50K), meanwhile the guys who buy Z/28s will mod them as well, and basically have supercar performance at that point.
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