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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Leak, leak ? The only leak here is pulling off the side of the highway to take a leak...

It does not seem to be a problem when they are new. They seem to have a shorter fatigue life under stress. They can handle WAY more power, but it seems that longer term high stress and harmonics weaken them. I know that in the turbine boats we use chromoly too. This is just the 'ol <.02
I trust Chris completely for steering you in the right directions.

Tom said he hasnt ever used the big 3.75" Carbon Fiber shaft that PST makes. I still say it will work just fine and is the best option on the market. He never said who's shafts they had problems with but the other ones on the market are a smaller 3.5" diameter.

I'm not a fan of a chromoly shaft that long spinning that many rpms, they dont have near the rpms limit a CF shaft does.
Both chromoly and aluminum develop a permanant twist after awhile, CF shafts do not.

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