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Smile Fbodfather Signed Camaro Finds Way From One Camaro5 Owner to Another, by Chance

I just got my car, bought it used, but it is practically new. She only has 13,000 miles. Under the hood there is a signature. We cant make anything out, except the date 6-6-10. The car does have mods. Enjen cold air intake and flowmasters. Would this poss be the the person that installed these? Or could this be something else?


I am a 35 year old mother of three teenage sons, 14,17, and 19. For the past three years I have drove a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When it was time for me to get a new car I was going to get a new jeep. On day in early 2010 we were driving around town, I saw my first Camaro. OMG, I almost broke my neck. I had to have one. I had then become obsessed with Camaros. At first my husband told me "no, its not a good family car".

As the months pasted I had become more and more obsessed, my facebook picture was a Camaro, my wallpaper was a Camaro, I started buying toy Camaros. We even started playing slug bug with Camaros. It took a year and finally talked my husband into letting me have one, the one compromise was RED! And I had to wait till the truck was paid off, in March 2011.

I knew exactly what I wanted, at least a 1LT, but the RS and connection package was a must. I searched the internet from time to time, and saw a few I liked, and of course the truck was not paid off. I was just dreaming. My pour little jeep was falling apart piece by piece. I dreamed some more and jumped on Craigslist. There it was, the one I had to have.

I called the guy that listed it, to find out more details, he gave me this website to see more photos.
I showed my husband, and told him it was too great a deal to pass up. I called Tony Jr. back to set up a test drive on 1/21/11. I was not going home without that car. We saw the signature in the internet photos. When we got to the dealership I ask about the signature, he told me he knew nothing about what it was. He had plenty of other stories. This one guy wanted it, gave them a $1000 check, and was going to bring his own financing back. He took it for a week and put 1000 miles on her, and his financing fell through. Everyone wanted this car, but they couldn’t get anyone financed. It was like it was meant to be. And no the truck still isn’t paid off. I took her home that night and came back on the 22nd to sign the papers, She was all mine!!!! 13,233 miles, still like brand new.

I have had her a week, and the signature was still on my mind. I knew she was a long way from home, and didn’t know how to go about finding out what it was. I was just thinking maybe the person that added the mods, signed it the day it was added. But I guess deep down, I knew it wasn’t right. So I found myself here. And wow all the things I have learned.

I started a new thread "what is this signature under the hood". I had my first response, Scott Settlemire aka “FbodFather”. KetelOne posted some pictures of the Camaro show in Delaware. There were pictures of the car. I did some more research, and sent Scott an email. To my surprise on a Sunday afternoon he replied, he said it was indeed his signature. KetelOne said "Wow, this is quite a story developing. I wonder if they were a C5 member as well". I then made a joke saying we should find him, because I was missing a key. Then camaro2lt posted, it was his friend’s (member dtm4192's) car, and he had been searching for her. He told me to look at the battery as Dan had left a note for the next owner. I immediately ran out to the car to find the letter. My joy had turned to a kind of sorrow. The letter was so full of meaning, he loved that car. I have since chatted back and forth with Dan, he posted a picture of Scott signing the car and also had documented it in his letter. It is really amazing what a small world we live in. I would have never thought I would ever meet up with her original owner, or that she was so meaningful.

I would like to thank you and all Camaro5 members for your help and support.

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Updated with Dan's letter and a photo of fbodfather signing the car when she was owned by Dan:

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