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Originally Posted by LYCAN View Post
I know this is my opinion, but blacking out head and tail lights doesn't seem like such a smart idea. If you get into an accident one of the first things that is going to get called into question is the fact that your lights are blacked out. Attorneys and insurance investigators will go after this stuff as a means not to pay a claim. Actually they'll try any angle, and this is making it easy for them. It really could put you at risk in a legal battle against another party. To me, I would leave the lights alone. But at the end of the day it's an individual choice.

Ya, I've seen the threads here all about that. I spoke to a few of my lawyer friends over the weekend and not one of them have seen this ever work in court. People may of tried it but it hasn't seemed to work in Texas or California (where my friends work).

IMO my car is red enough, if some dumb@## doesn't see me, there's always the gas pedal to leave him in the dust.
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