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bmbbl be,

We can not speak to any negatives of a competitors product, but we can talk about the benefits of our own, and how they were engineered.

Below, I have included a feature sheet on our front and rear GM licensed coilovers. Click on that to get a larger version. These are the exact coilovers that GM came to us to install on the Chevrolet Camaro SSx. The fact that we are a engineering company, dedicated to suspension development was an important aspect when they chose to utilize and license all of our Pfadt products installed on the SSx. You can read more about the Chevrolet SSx here :

Part of our philosophy, is development through testing and racing. We are engineers, not salesman. We take what we learn from racing and distribute that knowledge into our products that are made for a comfortable, but performance based street ride. We have engineering data and competition to back it up. We commit to real racing, against other Camaros, and consistently come out on top. Just ask Erik at Torq how much success he has had using our coilovers and competing against 5th gens. At the Camaro5 Fest autocross last year, only Pfadt suspension took victories. Now, these are also the only coilovers homologated into SCCA World Challenge Competition.

Give me a shout if you have any specific questions regarding our coilovers and their development. There is a lot to talk about, and some people will give you meaningless points to confuse you. But our coilovers that were developed specifically for the 5th Generation Camaro, not a similar platform, are a perfect combination of street durability, comfort and performance when you need it.

Here is also a short video outlining the performance gains you can expect to see with Pfadt coilovers.

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