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Since nobody has posted it up yet. Pedders is also a GM Performance selected product. Licensed by GM Performance. Pulled the info below direct from the Pedders site for your reading entertainment.

Coilover FACTS.
  1. RACING coilovers adjust height by screwing into or out of the lower mount. Other types of coilovers, like Pedders OLD eXtremes, use the lower spring perch to adjust for height. This creates a litany of issues in car set up. The most critical is the lower you set the vehicle the less jounce / bound travel there is. This adversely alters ride quality. Lowering the car decreases the pre-compression on a coil. Raising the car by spring perch increases the pre-compression on a car. Having uneven coil pre-compression at each wheel after corner weighting in not desirable for optimal setup. Pedders Xa and Supercar coilovers adjust ride height like a RACING coilovers screwing into or out of the lower mount while preserving coil balance, and ride quality.
  2. Some brand-x coilovers do NOT use OEM mounts for their coilovers. An example would be removing the rubber bush from the rear upper spring perch and converting it for use as the load bearing point for the rear coilover. The shock bush in the Camaro upper spring perch was not designed or intended to be used as a load bearing point for the rear spring. ALL Pedders coilovers use the OEM mounting points.
  3. Inverted coilovers require maintenance. What cause failure of the shaft seal? Dirt. Debris. Abrasion. In an inverted coilover the seal shaft seal is pointed down to the pavement, mounted in the lower control arm. The most delicate wear component is exposed to the harshest operating conditions with an inverted design. That is why inverted coilovers are best suited for track use -- limited exposure and miles. Does your customer want a coilover that requires seal maintenance? Does your customer know the inverted coilover seals require routine maintenance? Can ANYONE tell the customer what the expected shaft seal life will be for an inverted coilover on the street? The answer is no. Do they drive down dusty roads? Do they drive near the beach where sand blows on the road? Do they drive in the rain? It will be different by customer depending on driving habits, road conditions, climate variables and more. NONE of Pedders coilovers are inverted and do NOT require routine maintenance like an inverted coilover.
  4. The clevis on Pedders Xa and Supercar coilovers are 10mm wider than OE to allow for increased negative camber range WITHOUT any additional parts. This also help balance the front and rear track to reduce understeer
  5. RACING coilvers have independent bound and rebound adjustment. If you are a racer, if you are a wannabe racer, if you autocross, if you drag race, if you are an enthusiast you want a coilover to be able to adjust, to tune your Camaro. The hands down class leader for the Camaro is Pedders SUPERCAR coilovers. It adjusts height by screwing into and out of the clevis. It has bound adjustment. It has rebound adjustment. It is not inverted. It does not require routine shaft seal maintenance. It has 10mm of extra clevis width to allow for great negative camber. Pedders Supercar Coilovers have independent bound and rebound adjustment.
  6. The bigger the piston diameter, the smoother the function. Pedders Supercar coilovers are 52mm. Our Xa range and most coilovers on the market are 46mm. The larger the diameter of the piston, the larger the volume of oil the SMOOTHER the control will be. This is a rule of fluid dynamics. Pedders Supercar coilovers will deliver the smoothest, the best possible ride quality you can get out of a Camaro. Supercar coilovers will be a superior ride for the owner to OEM because of the fluid dynamics and independent bound and rebound adjustment.
  7. Pedders Supercar Performance, alliance with GM and GMPP make Pedders the Camaro leader. Every GM owned Camaro at SEMA 2009 was on Pedders. Jay Leno's Camaro is on Pedders. All the 2010 NASCAR and INDY Camaro Pace Cars ride on Pedders.
Pedders New Advanced SuperCar Coil Overs

Pedders USA, LLC is proud to release the most advanced 5th Generation Camaro suspension -- Pedders SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers. These are 52mm high pressure monotubes with reservoirs the size of beer cans. They feature 30 positive click adjustments on the bound and 30 positive click adjustment on the rebound making setup as easy as Click, Tune, Game On!!!

These are not your Grandmother's itty bitty flick your Bic lighter size canisters. These are CANISTERS!

Pedders 46mm fixed bound and rebound adjustable Xa coilovers set the pace for all the 5th Gen Camaros at the Optima Challenge last year. Running a full Justice Package with the Xa coilovers Pedders Camaro clocked Z06 speed laps at Gingerman. The new 52mm monotubes are 27% larger in surface diameter. This is important on the track and on the street because the greater the volume of oil in the damper, the smoother the action will be with increased control. Add to the larger monotube diameter HUGE remote reservoirs and the Supercar coilovers have over 50% more oil. More oil not only smoothes the damping action, it dissipates heat better leading to greater consistency under the most demanding conditions.

Why would you need to have these gorgeous mechanical works of art on your 5th Gen Camaro? Great question!

1. Many 5th Gen Camaro owners lust after the sexy look of the prototypes that electrified the Camaro community and car enthusiast around the world, but they want to have the OE ride quality. Pedders Xa coilovers adjust ride height by screwing the monotube in and out of the lower mount. This preserves jounce travel and ride quality. The SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers use the same technology with the largest oil capacity available. Combine the benefits of the increased oil capacity with independent bound and rebound adjustment and your sex on wheels lowered Camaro will deliver ride quality that some feel is better than OE. That is from fellow Camaro owners that have been out in my Camaro on 305/30/19 Bridgestones mounted on Forgeline 19x10.5 wheels all around and dropped to the ground! It seems that you can have it all with Pedders!

2. Drag shocks / struts 90/10s help lower ETs, but should never be driven on the street. No one wants to be in an off camber turn, with a bump in the road driving on 90/10s

Pedders SportsRyder Supercar coilovers are the solution. At the strip set the front struts to full SOFT on the rebound and full HARD on the bound. The rear struts are set to full SOFT on the bound and full HARD on the rebound. These settings allow the front to pop up and the rear to squat for excellent weight transfer. Are they as good as dedicated drag shocks -- no -- BUT they are road course, autocross, drag strip and daily driver capable. You can drive to the strip with amazing control; tear up the strip with your drag settings and then drive home SAFELY with your street settings on coilovers that are road course capable with daily driver comfort. You can have it all.

3. You want to run road courses and autocross until your tires melt. You have years of experience and want to be able to adjust your setup exactly the way you want it. SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers are exactly what you want. HUGE reservoirs for heat dissipation, 30 positive clicks for bound adjustment with 30 positive clicks for rebounds adjustment, height adjustment that will not alter spring preload and a WARRANTY that covers your coilovers for racing as long as your Camaro is street legal. How could it get any better?

Paul Tracy in the Pedders Camaro[/URL]
Chris Brannon Runs Gingerman[/URL]
Chris Brannon Trackside[/URL]

All of these videos were shot with our 46mm Xa coilovers. The 52mm SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers are smoother and allow more flexibility in trackside setup. The ridiculous numbers the Pedders Camaro put up on track with Xas, what can I say, the car is better with the 52mm SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers. Gingerman is open so Pedders will be post new videos from our track sessions on the SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers. I can tell you with the Supercar Coilovers installed on my Camaro since December not a mile has gone by that I did not have a smile on my face.

4. Your Camaro has nothing but the best installed. Your engine mods are best-of-class. Your driveline has been upgraded to 1,000 RWHP capable. You invested in the strongest lightest wheels available. Now you are ready for the best-of-class in suspension. 52mm HUGE Remote Reservoir, Independent Bound and Rebound Adjustable, Height Adjustment that does Not Alter Jounce Travel SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers are your solution of choice.

Camaro Justice[/URL]

The Justice Package will include all the suspension components that erased 7 seconds off the lap time of a stock 2 SS at Gingerman Raceway. This track ready package contains the best of the best of what Pedders has to offer, including our COMPETITION sway bar package, SOLUTION C, which creates velocity induced oversteer. In the hands of a skilled SCCA or NASA certified driver, the Justice Package is perfect for the track. The initial Justice Package came with our off the charts great Pedders eXtreme 46mm Xa Coilovers. The Justice Camaro now has our 52mm Remote Reservoir, high pressure nitrogen, independent bound and rebound adjustable Coilovers. Supercar coilovers offer eXtreme flexibility to those knowledgeable in setup. The Track eXtreme combines all the components of the Street II and adds A COMPETITION ONLY Rear Sway bar, all bushes with all of our most HD options, 4 adjustable Endlinks and our new Pedders SportsRyder Supercar Remote Reservoir Coilovers. With the virtual pivot point design and the advanced independent rear suspension your tracked Camaro does not need to be over sprung and over damped. In complete OE trim it will outperform many respected marquees. With a Track II eXtreme System your ZETA II Camaro is ""this close"" to race ready and yet still street comfortable. This is where GM's multibillion dollar investment in the ZETA architecture reaches levels of performance that are as aggressive as the Camaro styling. You really can have it all. Drive to the track in performance comfort, Click to max Performance, and Play to the Max! CLICK, TUNE, PLAY! The look! The handling!! The comfort!!! A Pedderised Camaro offers it all! Your Pedderised ZETA II Camaro will dominate the market. Btw, Pedders Coilovers and Bars are SCCA T2 Legal.

164086[/URL] Camaro Xa Remote Canister
CAMAROSOLUTIONC 27mm F & 32mm R bars & 4 links
EP1167HD Zeta HD Differential Mounts
EP1201HD Camaro HD Rear Sub Frame Repl
EP2112 Zeta Steering Rack/Pinion Mnt
EP6577 Camaro Front Radius Rod Bush
EP7264 Zeta Rear Lower Control Arm In
EP7322 Camaro Rear Upper Control Arm
EP7323 Zeta Rear Trailing ArmToe Link
PDUSACAM2800 Camaro Complete Brake Hose Kit
PDUSACAMFULL Camaro Full Alignment Kit

Every GM owned SEMA Camaro was shown with Pedders coilovers. The Jay Leno Camaro rides on Pedders Coilovers. The GM Indianapolis 500 Camaro Pace Cars ride on Pedders Coilovers, sway bars with sub-frame and radius bush inserts. Doesn't your Camaro deserve Pedders too?
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