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by hand?! And you still get good results? Wow, I might go that way to save a little money on Adams when I order that tomorrow. Sent you a pm regarding that

And from AAC, I got almost everything BUT the halos. Decided to wait on that to save a little money. AAC has a group buy for those ending on February 28th, I'm going to do that.

All in all, I got:
-Afterburner Taillight
-Flexible LED Strip for Cupholder (still figuring this out.. :?)
-Interior Blue LED Kit
-Ambient Blue Footwell Lighting
-Camaro Concept Sidemarkers
-Plasma DRL Bulbs with DRL harness
-RGB Scanner 22"
-License Plate LED
-2 Blue Flush Switches
-Seperate Cool White Dome Light in case blue doesnt work out

Everything comes in Friday, so your DIY videos will come in handy for when my adams stuff comes in and whenever I decide to hookup my scanner. Im planning to hookup everything but my scanner this weekend (will probably wait on a DIY from you on that)

Thanks again!
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