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I can't spend a day at the Milford Proving Grounds without things getting out of control. I guess I have to put a damper on things.

Yes our coilovers are GMPP Licensed. Yes Pedders coilovers were on the 2010 Indy Pace Cars.

Yes, Pedders coilovers are on Jay Leno's Camaro

Pedders coilovers are GMPP licensed for eight different vehicles by my memory. The 2011 Z Spec Cruse and 2012 Sonic concept cars are on Pedders Xa coilovers.

This is where the suspension and rubber meet the road. ONLY Pedders has been a member of the community since June 2007. We supported Camaro5 BEFORE we had anything to sell. Not only have we supported the Camaro5 community, we have kept them informed at every step of the development of the FASTEST documented street legal 5th Gen Camaro. From the CTS-V upgrade, which we do NOT sell and posted ONLY for the benefit of the community to our complete setup including thermal management. Pedders has posted every detail on how to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Drag Racing -- 8.95
Gingerman 1.33
Optima Challenge 1.50

The FASTEST 5th Gens run on Pedders Suspension.

Now that we know who makes the FASTEST suspension for drag and road-course we can move on to the differences of substance. Pedders does NOT make parts for race cars. We make street parts with street friendly urethane, coils and dampers. They are comfortable for daily driver use. We approach our suspension development from a unique perspective.

F1 cars weigh in at about 1,500 pounds. They have rear tire about 15" wide.

Pedders USA track ready 5th Gen with Driver weighs in at 4,183 pounds. To use damping and spring rates similar to an F1 car the rear wheels would need to be 2.87 times wider than a F1 car or 43" each. Conceptually this means that a street car like a Camaro weighs too much, has too much BHP and too much RWHP for the tires that will fit in the wheel wells. To optimise performance we have to take compliance out of the suspension -- gently -- and work within the constraints of available rubber.

NASCAR qualifying on ovals eats rubber. You could say they coil bind thier car to get the fastest lap time. They can't run a race that way becuase the setup eats tires -- becuase a NASCAR setup this way weighs too much, has too much BHP and too much RWHP for the tires that will fit in the wheel wells.

Our bits that are more aggressive are clearly labelled. EP1167 differential bushes are OE like quiet. Our higher durometer EP1167HDs use denser material and transmit more differential noise into the cabin. Our monster strong 32mm rear bar produces an oversteer bias and is labelled for competition use only.

But this thread is more focused on coilovers. For the 5th Gen we use 8Kg coils up front and 10Kg coils in the rear. These are matched to our fixed ratio Xa coilovers that set the fastest lap for a 5th Gen at the Optima Challenge and the fastest 5th Gen lap to date. We released the Supercar Remote Reservoir Independent Bound and Rebound Adjustable units in 2010. We attribute a full second to the Supercar equipped lap time at the Hot Rod Pony car event.

Both our Xa and Supercar coilovers adjust height by screwing the entire monotube into or out of the lower mount to adjust height. Not using the spring perch for height adjustment maintain optimum jounce travel regardless of ride height. Jounce travel, the amount of travel, is critical to ride comfort.

While we believe Pedders has documented every aspect of our Pedders USA Camaro the real bottom line is found on the street and track. It has always been Pedders philosophy to recommend YOU test drive a Pedders suspension before you buy it. All the posts and all the magazine articles mean nothing if you are not happy with your 5th modified suspension. My Dealers tell me that they close 100% of the people that get a test ride or drive in a Pedderised vehicle. I doubt the closing ratio is 100%, but I would be shocked if it wasn't close.

bmbbl be,

I am so confident in the Pedders product range for the 5th Gen Camaro that I'll guarantee your satisfaction. Coordinate your coilover purchase with one of my Dealers including installation. If you are not 100% satisfied with your new Pedders coilovers and installation I will refund you the cost of your parts AND installation. If you desire, we will also return your 5th Gen back to stock.

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