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Although we cannot speak of the Pedders coilovers, we CAN speak of experiences that we have had with Pfadt Race Engineering coilovers and more importantly, the people behind the engineering. When buying any Pfadt Racing product, know that you are not only buying a properly engineered, Race proven setup, but also getting Pfadts passion, track experience, and benchmarked customer support with it. Get on the phone with Blair or Aaron any day of the week and rest assured that they'll do whatever it takes to get your car dialed in and set up perfectly for both street and track.

These are Top Quality engineered coilovers, you will not be disappointed.

General Motors knows, Johnny O'Connell knows, Pratt and Miller knows and 1000's of satisfied customers know.

Great products guys...can't wait to see what you have in store for 2011!!!
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