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Originally Posted by el ess X View Post
Ha! Caught you in a lie!.....oh, wait....caught you telling the truth!! Try to read between the lines and I'm still seeing white space!

WHICH IS IT????!!!! GAAAAAaaack!!!

A lie is only telling something that you know not to be true. If you believe it to be true but it turns out to be incorrect, that does not constitute a lie by the definition of lie. On the other hand not telling something when you do know something by some is considered a lie of omission. In which case anyone who knows anything but isn't saying is by that definition, lying. However, if you don't know anything and aren't saying anything then you are by default being truthful by not telling a lie or a truth as you would know neither. So in this case it would be hard to tell whether there was a lie or not. Now on the other hand there is smaller classifcation of lie known as a fib. A fib may generally be considered to be ok in some circles, but in others it merely falls into the category of lacking truth and, hence, simply a lie. But I digress.

Originally Posted by SSmoked View Post
I'll tell you guys now, dont hype yourself up for chicago. You will 95% be dissapointed in what you were expecting to see.
Will i eat my own words. i hope so. But GM is very good at hyping people up and dissipointing them.
im gona guess its bumble bee v3 thats gona be at the show.
I find that in most cases, it isn't GM that gets everyone hyped up. It's ourselves. And when we expect a certain thing based on 38 threads on it, the we are disapointed. But I'm not sure GM does that to us as much as we do it to ourselves.

Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
psh, more smoke and mirrors
Ha!!! Don't forget the wires and the secret trap door............and the hidden pocket in my coat.

Originally Posted by lil_red_v6 View Post
my head hurts now
Seems to be a lot of that going around.
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