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Well the article does say "unviel a vehicle based off the chevrolet camaro platform". So it really dont mean its a Camaro/Z28/HP Edition that will be unveiled but also doesnt mean, it wont be the Z28/HP Edition...

It also mentions that "GM planned to unveil at least one other new vehicle at the show". So could it be, the new 4dr V8 sedan from Chevy that replaces the G8???

Taken off MotorTrend website....

With rear drive and a punchy V-8 under the hood, the Pontiac G8 was the first real sport sedan for Pontiac in decades, and we mourned its demise when GM killed off the Excitement Division as part of its post-bankruptcy rationalization. But it appears the G8 will make a comeback -- only this time wearing Chevy badges. Three GM sources have confirmed to Motor Trend the Australian-built sedan will re-appear on the U.S. market as a Chevy in the coming year. And it won't be called Impala. "We have a good name for it," smiled one of the sources.

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