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Originally Posted by shank0668 View Post
You really enjoy making us feel like we know absolutely nothing You could just be a kind fellow and release some information.....

My prayers have been answered, we have something new and fresh to talk and wildly speculate about about. And we will get the answer in print, covered by the media,with tons of pictures, and in a few days to boot!!!! Be happy peeps, may or may not not be the HP granted, it may be a 6th generation Camaro prototype for all we know, but what we do know is that it will be a camaro based platform and it's something new....., the Chevy God's are smilling on us! We are not worthy(LOL).Oh BTW Fbodfather has always given us info albeit in between the lines but if you are perceptive enough you don't need it to be completely spelled out, do you? It wouldn't be as much fun that way...thanks Scott for your posts, I for one appreciate it.
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