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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Sounds good! I'll be sure to add it to the sticky. Whats your thoughts on performance with the BBKs?
the performance is definitely noticeable. its never been on a dyno, so there are no numbers to show where or when gains happened. after the BBK's it seems as though there is more power through the whole RPM range...duh . what i mean by that is it hardly takes any foot pressure on the peddle to get moving. kinda like the car "just goes" and before you know it your doing 60 in a 45. it seems to pull harder between 4-5500 RPM.

when i put on the CAI, i would have to say that gave the most "bang for the buck" as it was also the easiest/most basic mod one can make.

there was an increase with the exhaust, but not exactly what i consider a performance mod. yeah, it does help, but most people get em for the acoustic performance, just like this guy.

the headers changed things dramatically IMO and are a great investment, especially if your just looking for that "one last mod" performance wise. once i learn to keep my foot out of the floorboard, i'll start to see gains in my MPG's. but im gonna enjoy the hell out of em for a while first

down the road i'll look at getting the trifecta, mostly for firming up the shift points and for when the CEL pops up, i hate seeing the check engine. got any other questions shoot em my way.

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