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Originally Posted by bowtiedriver View Post
My guess is that it will the Chevy Caprice Police car. That or a sport wagon, that sounds cool. Or maybe the G8 St as it would have been called. After all it was supposed to come over, now it can with a Chevy badge on it. I just hope its not a re-done G8. I love my G8, and would like to keep it a rare bird. I just know, if they re badge it as a Chevy. People will say "nice Chevy man"
GM wont do that, thats like bringing back the Trans Am as a Buick. Its just stupid in so many ways....

If anything, take a look at the Chevrolet Lumina SS thats sold in the Middle East. Another v8 sedan based version of the Holden Commodore, just like your G8 is. That's the closest bet to the next version of the G8 in the states with a Bowtie on it IMO.

But i wouldnt be surprised if the Caprice Police car is there as another vehicle shown by GM.
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