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Talking Songs About Camaros (for your driving pleasure)

Hey guys, I took the liberty of making a list of all the camaro songs that I know of (not all that great). A few are really great and worth checking out. If you have any others let me know, Ill edit the post so that we can get a good list going on!

Kings of Leon - Camaro
Two Cow Garage - Camaro
David Wilcox - Johnnys Camaro
Bang Camaro - Bang Camaro
Couch - Camaro
The Ramones - Go lil Camaro Go
Secret Service - Camaro
Asskickers - Camaro
Christopher Dallman - Camaro
Trigger Finger - Camaro
Tennis Pro - Dad's Camaro
Shocore - Legendary Camaro
Danielle Howle & the tantrums - Camaro Power
Blue Meanies - Camaro Man
Alison Popitone - 1969 cobalt blue camaro
Camaro Brothers - Black Camaro
Topheavy - Bangin' Camaro
Clove - Camaro Cut
Bronk - Camaro
Red Planet - Big Hair Camaro
Bald Eagle - Wind up dead in Camaro
The Andwuts - Rock the camaro
Torey Adler - Blue Camaro
Subterranean Vison Serpent - Tis my modified Camaro
Beta Minus Mechanic - '69 Camaro
D.U.I. - Camaro
A country Sound - Red Camaro
Dan Schultz - Camaro Town
The High Speed Scene - The Iroc-Z song
The Post Office Gals -I drive an I-roc cause I rawk
The Mansions - Z-28
Weezer - Yellow Camaro
The Dead milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro

ADDED March 5th
The drip- Black Camaro

Camaro Girl

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