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Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post

You don't understand how the development of a new car works right?

Extensive R&D would have to be done on any car, no matter what. It's not as simple as change something here and there and all of a sudden you have a brand new car. Creating a new car would be just as expensive as anything, for what?
A car that no one knows if it will sell. A car that has no real heritage behind it.
R&D on a any car, whether it uses the Zeta chassis or not, will cost money.

IF there is a new car based on the Zeta, it's better to do something that has a substantial marketing backing, something that the general public will want.
I know it would cost money to develop a new car, I'm just not sure it would be just as expensive using a majority of the existing Camaro to do it. Nobody knows if it will sell because there hasn't been anything to look at, I think that an Auto show would be the best place to show a new car. I think you missed the whole point of my post, so that GM could continue to make money off the existing platform, the changes to the Zeta were done in 2009 and I would hope that GM would get a little more time out of it before they scraped it...

I was under the impression that this new car being shown at Chicago was going to be "exciting". Is a new Chevelle not exciting? A Chevelle has no heritage behind it? I'm not sure what you mean by that, so you are willing to bet that a new Zeta model, that nobody knows would be a better idea than a nameplate some recognize? or are you hoping that this will be the HP Camaro?
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