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Please allow me to clarify a few points in your well written post.

1. If you consider what is done in the USA by Pedders USA in the USA our product range for North America eight different platforms just for GM. You can add to that Ford and Chrysler platforms. Not only is it developed in the USA for the USA, much of it is made in the USA including, sway bars, end-links, alignment products and sub-assemblies. Having said that, may I point out that the 5th Gen is made in Canada. We live and work in a global community.

2. Coil selection is not a limited with Pedders. Our rear coils range from 7kg to 12kg for the rear using OE mounting points. For the front we range from 6kg to 10kg on the 5th Gen. Additionally the fronts are 62mm i.d. and compatible with any standard 62mm i.e. coil. Coil rate and selection is not an issue.

3. Pedders Xa coilovers are fixed ratio units with 30 positive click adjustments. The Supercars are independent bound and rebound adjustable and the potential combinations are staggering. That is exactly why Pedders makes available our detailed setup information so our clients do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Finally allow me to point out that ONLY Pedders makes available a complete suspension solution, a complete engineered system for the 5th Gen Camaro for under $2,000. The simplicity of the Xa adjustment is enhanced by addressing the foundational elements of the 5th Gen suspension with EP1200 and EP6578 Radius bush inserts. A full set of alignment bolts that add castor adjustment while extending the range of the OE eccentrics. At under $2,000 a Pedders Street Xa it is the best value available for the 5th Gen while being easy to install and easy to adjust.
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