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Thank you for the interest in my setup. The numerous requests I recieved via PMs confirmed me that I did everything right when I choosed my aftermarket componets. So the hours spent on investigation were definately worth it

Now back to your questions. KMP is absolutely correct (as allways when it comes to exhaust quesstions ). The LT headers realy changed the sound. But it is very important to combine them with the right mufflers to achieve the sound you're looking for. If the mufflers can't tame the crazy loudness and the tinny sound elements of the headers it will sound annoying. (As long as you don't like the raspy ricer sound).
Since you posted in this thread I guess you also want your setup to sound as deep as possible. So I realy suggest to get more muffled components like borla mufflers or at least "magnaflow mufflers WITH resonated X pipe".

As for the costs. I think you can find the Borla axleback for about $700.
I bought just the mufflers for $ 90 each and made the two pipes needed (from muffler to tip) by myself. So with my beautyfull double walled magnaflow tips and some 2.25" piping my exhaust cost about $300.

I was lucky with the headers as well. Because they listed the wrong PNs in the JEGS-onlinestore I got the ceramic coated LTs for the price of the chrome ones. I ended up paying $679 instead of $799.

So my exhaust cost me about 1 grand and some labor time. Definately worth it.
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