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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Just curious, but have you done a before dyno? Otherwise hard to say what the gains are.
no, i wish i had now. i still have everything and i could put it back to stock...NOT! this is the first car i've really mod'd. never done more than a CAI and flowmaster. now i see the importance of before/after, just to have that baseline so you can see what was worth the investment, what worked what didn't, and where the bang for the buck was. after the CAI, BBK LT's and exhaust, i know the HP isn't additive and ideally i would have dyno'd after every mod but i didn't so shame on me. but next time FO SHO!

this is where i plan i getting dyno'd and using his camaro as a comparison. i know i can't compare it directly, but a lot of the community that has dyno'd reports around the same RWHP of 255...strictly for comparison only.
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