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Originally Posted by LoneStarCamaro View Post
Yeah, I'm hoping to see the wheels on Dangeruss's car since it's a similar design wheel and his car is lowered. I'm definitely going to lower it an inch, and have been thinking about going with Nitto 555 in 285/40. Since it's my DD and I've already put alot of miles on the car, I'd like to be able to recalibrate the speedo; but as far as I know there isn't a way to recalibrate or tune the V6's.
Yeah, his new set up should be very close to your current set up. You have 28.6" all the way around and he is going with 28.8 rear and 28.4 front.
I think that will look great on the back, but a little too much sidewall on front for me. I'm taking a chance and going 28" rear and 27" front. I hope the 1" diference doesn't freak out the comp. If it does and it can't be tuned to get fixed I already have a couple of fixes up my sleeve.

My front should be the exact same diameter as the 285/40 you want to do. Don't know when you are looking to get new tires but I already ordered my tires. Wheels are what's gonna take a while, probably late March. My car will also be lowered 1.4" already have the springs sitting here. I'll gladly put my two fronts on one side of the car so you can get an exact idea of what your car will look like lowered and with 27" tall tires all the way around. Should look killer.
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