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Question ZL1 On GoodYear Supercar F2 tires?

OK I love the ZL1 and will be one of the first to get one, if they will take my 2010 2ss 625hp in trade. My observation is that the press release states the tires as Goodyear Supercar F2's. Yet the press photos show F1's.

Looking up on Goodyears Website I can not locate any F2's. I see three models of the F1 Supercar tires. They are:

1. Eagle F1 Supercar
2. Eagle F1 Supercar G:2
3. Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 ROF (which I believe is the run flat)

I would like to know if there is an F2 Supercar tire or was this a typo?

Also I would like to know the opinions of fellow members and tire experts on the feasibility of using these F1 Supercar (or the F2s if they do exist) as a better substitute for the stock tires for aggresive spirited street driving.

I have 18,000 miles on my stock tires and I am about to get some CCW sp16a 20 x 10 and 11.5 and may put on the Goodyear Supercar rubber. The runflats appeal to me as that is what is on my Vette and the runflat feature has been useful several times on it.

So, what's up?

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