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Originally Posted by 350 HRSS View Post
This scares me to pieces. My dealer was like, "We don't have an invoice for this car, and we can't understand why." I told them about people on C5 having the same issues. Weird.

Has anyone taken delivery of a car yet? I wonder how long we will be sitting in the waiting line.....strange.

This thread has comforted me somewhat....

I also noticed the VINs are weird. They don't look sequenced. I am not sure how to 'decifer' the last couple of numbers. Anyone else?
I have no idea whats going on either and its starting to frustrate me... but i know that the last 5 numbers of the VIN is the order that they made your car. They combined all the coupes and convertibles together.

so u have to look at the 6th digit in your vin to figure out if it is a convertible or a coupe... i dont know why they did it that way... but they did...

but i hope they get this rolling soon.. i think its kinda dumb of chevy to keep releasing new cars and hold back the ones we have already ordered...
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