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Originally Posted by Drago77 View Post
Trade ya'!!!! At least your ready to ship! Im stuck in quality control, which can't possibly be a good thing... either A)- cars fine but they're beating the hell out of it to see if it holds up or B)- There's something wrong w it and they're trying to fix it... either way, im not thrilled with the current situation. Hopin I move to the 4000s Monday..
I really don't want a beat down or refurbished new car!

haha trade? haha no thank you! it almost frustrating to know that my car is sitting 12 hours north of me and i can almost just drive up ther and pick it up myself lol! they told me mine went thru a QC at one point and thats why it wass taking so long for it to be made... well if they are beating up your car still it cant really be a good sign.. i have heard that there are a few HUNDRED camaros sitting in "Bayed"... I cant believe ive been waiting since September and at the last stage im still waiting for it to come!! sigh with it sitting there so long im going to have a brand new car full of cobwebs and lovely spiders and yours might be full of dents...
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