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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
They should stop and think different like Apple does when evaluating their own products. Don't just change it for the sake of changing something; study what was good, what was okay, what wasn't so good, and improve it. Change it to make it better; fix the things that need fixing. Upgrade the FUNCTIONALITY; not just change the look.

It needs interior improvements. Some weight reduction. Strengthen the drivetrain. Better bushings (they can learn from Pedders how to do this without sacrificing ride quality).

Make the next version a better CAMARO; not just a cosmetic change. This has always been the downfall of Detroit automakers; they start with a great car, then slowly hokey/crap it up with "special editions" etc. until it's a sad mess of what used to be a great car. Just like software companies, they add "features" no one asked for, and ignore fixing the things that their existing customers have been complaining about. The software slowly gets bigger, clumsier, slower... until it's just disappointing at best.

DON'T DO IT CHEVY! You started something fantastic with this Camaro; STAY THE COURSE. Learn from Apple's approach. Study the forums; listen to all the feedback from the people who bought the car and make the next one so good that they'll buy it again. There's a reason why Apple is debt-free, has $60 billion in the bank, and is the #1 tech company in the world. Follow their lead and make the next Camaro the evolutionary improvement of this first fantastic car.
Well put.
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