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Originally Posted by leonardo View Post
1. Handling
2. Yes daily driver
3. No track days ( dont have time :( )
4. 265

Had the car aligned twice already but the squeak still sounds anytime I hit a bump and it gets really annoying at some roads with uneven pavement cause all I hear is squeak squeak squeak ....... is it possible that maybe the new shorter spring it hitting something since the stock shocks are longer ?
Squeaks -- Not to be a ssmart axx, but I just replaced a set of Eibachs with Pedders Supercar Coilovers. The coils used an unusual wrap that is similar to heat shring tubing. I don't recall if it was on both the front and rear coils. The wrap is there to eliminate coil pops. It iss possible your squeak is coming from the plastic tubing rubbing against the same material on a lower coil.

Next Step -- Check all four coils and identify which coils have wrap. Spray the wrap with silicone spray. This is a test. If the noise goes away when the coilo wrap is soaked with silicone we know where the problem is. Give it a test and please report back here.

We'll get to alignment as soon as we sort the squeak.
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