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I think some people are getting confused....

A Z28 or and IROC (even though they will never bring it back) would probably be a new model or trim level, like the ZL1.

By special edition, they mean the Syngery Green config from last year, or this year's XM edition or the new Synergy models they showed at SEMA. The Camaro Black would be a good fit as well. Ultimately, GM does not expect enthusiasts to want these "special editions", rather they are simply "buzz models" to give them something fresh to advertise to keep the Camaro at the forefront. Strategicly they have to do that, otherwise the Camaro will become stale with nothing new to pitch to potential customers.

I would expect this rumored "TF3" model will be nothing more than some unique decal stripes, a few badges, and maybe (but unlikely) the fascia similar to the Leno Concept. But I kinda doubt the last part... wishful thinking. Fbodfather has already made it clear that they do not have the ability to do the 3-stage paints at Oshawa. However, once the plant is upfitted to produce the new Cadillacs.... that may change. Till then.... just expect stickers and badges.

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