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German 1993 to 2002 Camaro owners

Hey guys, I'm doing a study for my website (4th Generation Camaro History) on the exported Camaros. In order to develop an RPO code list, I either need the VIN number of several Camaros located outside North America, or I need pictures of their RPO code stickers. I prefer the VIN numbers so I don't have to manually type the codes in and reinterpret what they mean, but I won't be picky.

Anyway, if anybody is willing to help, please type your VIN number (or post a picture of your RPO code sticker) and if you'd please tell me what country the car was originally exported to or any history like that you know about your car, it'd sure help me.

Thanks, and in case you aren't familiar with my website since I haven't posted in this area before, it's
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