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Originally Posted by OrangeFury View Post
6'3" and no issues here. Reverse Mohawk is the most overrated thing I have ever seen. I laugh at people that think the general public notice it or know what it is when one of the most asked questions I get from strangers is whether I have a V6 or V8.
No doubt.

It does turn out to be highly over-rated. It was why I originally wasn't gonna order with the sunroof. I loved the reverse mohawk look but wanted a sunroof. So I was torn. Then I saw the sunroof open.

My mind was made up.

But, I wouldn't say people don't notice it. Sure, nobody has ever run up to me and said "Man, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your roof"

But, in talking about the car, I've had several people say they liked it better than the sun roof. And not becasue I asked. Just stuff they'd say standing around talking.

I so wish the sunroof was done better. I'd have ordered it. It's one thing missing as far as I'm concerned. Just think the sunroof on THIS car is hideous when opened.
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