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Smile List Of Supplies!

What supplies do you need? I used the following:

Trim removal tool kit.

You can purchase from Amazon, Crutchfield, etc. Picture below.

Electrical tape

3 GM LED’s. Blue are part number (92238395) and orange, which is really red (92228416). I do sell GM parts so if you need any GM parts or the LED’s, please contact me.

1/4 vinyl tubing.

I had 5/16 here, which is a little larger and it worked fine. This is basically tubing you can purchase for cheap at Lowe’s or Home Depot. The vinyl tubing is clear bendable tubing that you use to connect the LED to the light pipe.

Light pipe.

You can purchase the light pipe from Ofer (2SSRS). See his thread to purchase. You will cut this light pipe twice, driver and passenger, and still have some extra leftover, about 6 to 8 inches.


I got a two way splitter for the passenger side GM LED's from Ofer, which is explained more in depth later. Please see Ofer to purchase any splitters, light pipes or harnesses he sells.

Screwdriver - Pick

You’ll also need a screwdriver, pick or same type of tool to remove the casing from the LED’s.

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