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Getting Started

Getting Started

For me, I wanted to get everything removed first, so that I could work on installing the lighting, etc. So you don’t necessarily have to do it in this order, again, I removed all the necessary panels first. I did this in my garage and we just moved into here last year so I haven’t had time to work on lighting and the floor and all in there. So the pictures might not be the greatest, but they will serve the purpose.

I started by taking off the left side access panel on the dash.

For me, as you’ll see, I have the connector on the left side right there in the middle saying hello!

Now to take off the left side IOM dash trim. Of course, I have the IOM interior package so I have the orange (red) lighting and the IOM trim. As you can see, I’m using my trim removal tool.

You’ll now see what it looks like with the trim removed.

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