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Smile Removing Instrument Cluster & Bezel

Now it is time to remove the instrument cluster bezel.

Again, I used the trim removal tool on the top.

Once you get the top separated you can try and work your way around popping off the bezel with the trim tool. Be very careful and take your time as you will probably get a little frustrated. The trim tool will allow you to try and pop out the clips on the bezel and you will need to try and pull up on the bezel at the same time. You’ll also find that there is a rubber dust cover that is part of the bezel that pushes into the chassis to cover that area up and hold down the bezel. You’ll have to pull the rubber dust cover from the chassis to also get the bezel loose. Removing the bezel was one of the most tedious parts of the project for me. You’ll see the bezel is now removed. It was kind of cold in the garage and I was heating it up so the gauges look a little cloudy.

You’ll remove the two torx screws in the upper part of the instrument cluster and then you’ll remove the two torx screws in the lower part of the instrument cluster. This is a very easy step.

Once you take out the 4 screws you’ll find it is plugged in. I just turned it around and all you do is basically unplug the instrument cluster and then remove it from the vehicle.
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