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Wiring and installing right passenger LED

Ok, now it is time to install the LEDís on the passenger side. First you need to understand how the light works and how it is carried. You have the GM LED. Then you have the light tube. There is a reflective strip (white) attached to the light tube that carries the light down the tube. This is basically a fiber optic light tube. In the earlier stages of people dong the ABL mod, they found that if you only installed one LED on the passenger side, that by the time the light shined all the way down the tube it faded by the time it got to the end of the passenger side, towards the door.

The newer method is to put a GM LED on each end to have continuous light all the way across the dash. This will ensure that the light looks continuous, and even and closely matches the lighting on the door panels.

As you have seen earlier, if you have the proper connector (remember, the VIN?) that youíll only have one connector to be able to plug into. As I just mentioned, the new method is to use two LEDís on the passenger side. Again, Ofer (2SSRS) sent me a custom splitter that he made that you can plug into the GM connector for the LED and have two connectors to plug into on the other end. In other words, your single connector is now a dual connector. This is pictured below. This was made by Ofer, so please contact him to purchase.

Now it is time to fish the first LED all the way over to the furthermost passenger side. A lot of people have said to use a couple of coat hangers together to get it to reach that far. I have an electrical fish personally, that I use, so I used that. Pictured below.

Now, I put the electrical fish through behind the dash (remember thatís why you removed the passenger access panel) and all the way over to the left side behind the cluster.

Now Iíve attached the wire to the LED to the electrical fish, basically with electrical tape, and pulled it through to the passenger side.

Here is where I forgot an important photo, so Iíll use another one on the forum, for now, by KTCAM, until I get another one. But here is a photo of the GM LED (orange/red). In this photo youíre looking at the front of the LED. In the back, there is basically a cover. You pop off that back cover, with a screwdriver or pick, and it will allow you to remove the LED from the case/cover.

Now, with the cover removed, stick the LED through the last hole behind the dash trim panel. You may have to put a screwdriver in the hole and twist it to enlarge it slightly for the LED.

On the passenger side trim, there are two sets of holes along the dash (behind the trim). One set is just open holes for some reason and the other set of holes is for the retainers on the trim panel. On the passenger side, the outer holes are blank, for space, and the inner holes are for the trim panel. This means when you put the trim panel back on, you wonít be trying to put the retainer through the same hole as the connector. You can see in the photo above, that I put the LED through the outer hole.

Now, youíll tape each wire on the connector separately, so that they do not touch. You canít tape them off before you put them through the dash because then it will be too fat to fit through.

Next is an important step. Youíll have to be able to attach the LED to the light pipe. How do you do that? Remember I said youíd need some vinyl tubing. Now cut off 1/2 to an inch of the vinyl tubing and stick it over the LED. Youíll then need to tape the vinyl tube to the LED. I should have done a better photo of this, but like I said, you slide the vinyl tubing over the LED and then tape the vinyl tubing to the LED. In this photo, I donít have the vinyl tube taped to the LED, but just tape it, hehe.

If you havenít already, plug the LED into one of the connectors on the splitter that Ofer sells. Iíve circled it in red.

Now you have installed and plugged in the LED on the right side passenger side. You can turn on the vehicle at this time to check to see if it is lit up.
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