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Smile Wiring and installing left passenger LED

It is time to move to the left side of the passenger side dash to install the left side passenger side LED. Again, the LED will go in the outer hole.

If you look behind the hole in this picture, you can see it is sort of blocked off. That is actually the panel behind that dash that houses the A/C vents and all. One of the moderators here, TAG, says he loosened that bolt and pushed on it and it allowed the LED through. I did loosen the bolt and pushed that panel back a little with the screwdriver.

Now, youíll take another GM LED and take the cover off it again and stick it through that hole. You may have to put a screwdriver in there and round out that hole a little bit. Once you stick the LED through that hole, youíll have to tape up the wires separately again (so they donít touch). Then youíll cut 1/2 to an inch of vinyl tubing again and tape it to the end of the LED. Again in my photo, I do not have the vinyl tubing taped to the LED. But tape it LOL.

Youíll plug in the connector to the 2nd connector available on the splitter that you got from Ofer. Again, you can turn on the vehicle, to accessory is all you need, and then make sure the LED works.
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