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Originally Posted by 19K3SS View Post
Before going this route, I've had one concern. I would think that the light would look like it's coming from behind the panel, not through the panel as it is on the doors. How would you say it looks in person?
When you're in the dark, you can't tell that the light is coming from under the door panel as opposed to behind it. So what I mean is, sitting in the vehicle, everything looks good. You can do a 180 look from side to side and it all looks uniform and the concern is not really whether it is coming from under a panel or behind it, if you know what I mean.

Also, like I said, it is really hard to photograph, but the light does also shine through the front of the panel, since I already have the ABL panels.

You could sand the top of the dash panels and have it shine through the front of the panel only, but then you're looking at drilling and cutting so that you can actually fit the light pipes behind the panel with the panels fully pushed in.
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