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Originally Posted by buzzy56 View Post
Excellent step by step.Will definitely help out when we do our own.Thanks for the write up & heads-up on some of the obstacles.
Thanks to offer,tag, and you for pioneering this modification.Job well done !
If you wanted some assistance and/or want to see mine let me know!

Originally Posted by anglwngss View Post
Thanks for the write up. It looks really nice. Just for clarification re: the drill vs. no-drill method.. The no-drill method has the light bar sticking out about 2-3 mm, which is hardly noticeable, and with the drill method, a person has to sand the top of the dash, drill a little bit so the light bar will go behind the dash?

The drill method would more closely resemble the ABL in the doors, but the no-drill method is quicker/easier. Do I have this right?
I did mine in a slightly different method. Kind of a combination method, no drill, but I sanded.

To get the trim to go back into place for my method you will need to trim the clips a bit. If you look at the trim you will see that the 2 ends and the center clip are in the way, and this is the reason the trim sticks out with the tube behind it. Here is KTCAM's pic showing that.

In fact if you have a late model 2010, or a 2011 lighting the dash is far easier than fishing to the gauge cluster, since you can tap the purple black wires going into the door at the kick panel.

If you click the link for my car you will see I did a no drill solution for the glovebox light using the second GM light that I was going to use near the gauge cluster.

Oh and the GM door lamps will fit into the footwell lighting area as well.
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