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After reading the many posts on head to headliner clearance and sunroof equiped verses reverse mohawks.............its got me to thinking.

It appears several varibles are mising from the differences in the simple torso & leg length theory on who can and can't fit into the car comfortably with-out scrubing their heads. For simplicities sake.........Lets say we take two different realitively tall drivers that are 6' 2" in height.

They are invited by their local dealer to take part in a side by side consumer comparison.......................both have just purchased indentically optioned models of the new Gen5.

After careful measurement, it is found that both have pant leg inseams of 32". While standing upright they measure identically from their waist center lines to the tops of their heads, and from their waist center lines to the bottom of their feet. Its discovered their arms are the same length, their shoulder widths are the same also.

One driver is of a slimmer build, weighing in @ 165 lbs. The other 65 lbs heavier, weighing in @ 230 lbs, the heavier complains that his head scrubs the headliner slightly once positioned in the drivers seat. The slighter of the two has no problems or complaints with head to headliner height fitment.

Both have their cars drivers seat and steering wheels adjusted to the most comfortable position, and after inspection it is found they're indentically set. The drivers seat is found to be lowered to its maximum position in both cars, with identical seating area tilting angles. The seat backs are adjusted slightly rearwards in the same manner of both cars.

Measurements are then taken while both drivers are positioned as noted. It is found that the slimmer driver has 3-1/2" clearance from the top of his head upwards towards the headliner material. The other driver has a mere 1/4".

Why are there such notable differences?
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