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What kind of trouble are we talking about with not sealing the adapters? I would think that ******** would have put a seal on them before selling them.

The crossovers aren't lying in a low spot. They're actually sitting somewhat vertically about 3 or 4 inches above the bottom of the door. They are sealed, although I'm not sure how well. So, there is a layer of protection there from water if a little happens to get inside the door. The crossover is easy to set with the flip of a switch although I'm not exactly sure if the switch changes the crossover points or scales the amount of signal passing to the tweets. The setting is either 0, +3db, or +6db. I set them both to +3db and stuck em to the door's wall.

I didn't really consider installing the crossover on the interior door facing the cabin as it's kinda thick and I wasn't sure how much space is truly needed between the door and the door panel. I also installed Dynamat and that adds an extra layer of thickness.

I didn't really notice any fir trees but, there are some plastic tabs you should at least take note of as to not manhandle or bang in that area without making sure things are lined up.

Originally Posted by Moriartii View Post
Very nice write up!!!

I see two issues with it tho,
1. You need to seal those speaker adapters!!!!!! If you put them in there "raw" like that, big big trouble!
2. The placement of the crossover worries me. That area on cars is known for rust and water penetration. Additionally isnt it a bugger to set the crossovers?

Did you happen to see any space where you could mount the crossover on the interior side of the door (part facing in toward the cabin)?

Lastly a question for you, when you removed the panel, are there any "fir trees" to monger up or any clips that may be a good idea to have on hand to replace?

Again nice write up.
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