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Originally Posted by Lycanine View Post
This is one of my favorite builds Beautiful car!! Where in FL are you? I'd love to run into you one day and see this baby in person!
Thanks M8! I'm in West Palm. Find your way down to Homestead this weekend and, hopefully, I'll be running it.

Originally Posted by pnltnc1 View Post
Not a fan of the rice wing...nice work though :-)
How many times do I have to say it? It's "race" not "rice"!

Originally Posted by stand-al0ne View Post
Very cool. Im interested to see how all that extra downforce ala the front air dam and spoiler create.

Along with the coilovers, do you have any other suspension components such as rear end links, trailing arms, etc? Also, think you'll throw the vert strut bar up front?

This is a cool build - I would like to see it in person one day. Congrats on COTW
Coilovers and aggressive alignment ATM. Solution "B" sway kit from Pedders is on the list and bushings after that. The car is still in development. One mod at a time so I may evaluate it properly.

I've done a bit of testing at Sebring for the aero and, corner speeds, even with the stock tires, was very good! As you know, Sebring is a fairly rough track and the Pedders COs did a great job! I never had any "moments" the whole day (albeit at my limited pace).
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